Vortice 11129 PUNTO FILO MF 150/6″ T

Vortice 11129 PUNTO FILO MF 150/6″ T
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Vortice 11129 Toilet/Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer Punto Filo MF150/6 T


  • This model is normally used in utility rooms or larger bathrooms and operates in conjunction with the room light switch. When the light is switched on the fan starts up. When the light is switched off the fan continues to run for a pre-set time. This unit requires a permanent live, switched live + neutral (3 cores excluding earth) at the fan position in order for the timer function to operate correctly.
  • 230/240V AC 50Hz. 28 watts power consumption. Single speed. Extraction rate 93 litres per second, 335 cubic metres per hour
  • Sound output 40dB(A) @ 3m. Timer adjustable 3 - 20 minutes at installation. IPX4 rated
  • Conforms to CEI EN 60335-2-80 (part 2), CEI EN 60529 and CEI107-53/1986. Class II - double insulated. CE approved
  • Dimensions: 214mm wide x 214mm tall x 15mm deep beyond installed surface. 155mm diameter spigot, extends for 79mm. For connection to 150mm / 6 inch diameter ducting. If you are replacing an existing 4" fan you will need to purchase an adaptor separately.
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